The Art we train

The art we train at Naga, Poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen, is based in self-defense. What does that mean? It means we don’t go out looking for trouble and we don’t broadcast the fact that we train. Instead, we keep our skills close, “in our back pocket”, and they are there when and if we ever need them. Many of us have stories about how our training has come in handy, but you’ll have to ask!

Knowing self-defense means more than just being able to protect yourself. On a deeper level, it means acknowledging that YOU are worth protecting! At Naga, we believe you deserve to have some great skills, and we also do deeply believe that you, yes YOU, are worthy of defending!

What to expect at naga

From your very first class, you learn how to utilize your opponent’s energy and movement in your own defense. You learn holds, locks, joint rotations and other highly effective techniques that really work. And yes, they are even effective when you are smaller than your opponent!

Considering the fact that most self-defense situations end up with someone tripping or falling, it is critical that you learn how to land safely as well as how to move and respond from the ground. Our art is unique in that our self-defense techniques work well in the air AND on terra firma. You learn how to fall safely while protecting your head, internal organs and spine. You practice rolling, striking and evasive movement with a focus on creating opportunities to escape.

From the very beginning, you learn striking that works. You learn about body targets, where on the body to hit, what spots, when hit, are most likely to allow you to escape, and why. 

You drill what to do when confronted with a gun, knife, rifle or club, or when choked with something like a rope. You practice holds, take downs and techniques that buy you time and give you the upper hand. You drill staying calm, using your breath and keeping a clear mind when faced with a threatening situation.

Good self-defense means you have the alignment and speed you needed to react quickly and effectively so you can get away. Muscle memory means you have practiced each maneuver many times with increasing speed and effectiveness.

We all start as beginners, but by the time you graduate from the beginning class, you have knowledge, speed and precision. You have self-defense that really works. Even better, you’ll have this knowledge for the rest of your life.