There are many camps kids can go to. This isn’t a secret. 

But what makes a camp the kind that kids keep talking about long after summer is over and the fireflies went, well, wherever fireflies go after summer ends?
  • Are there specific qualities?
  • Is it the connection? Values?
  • Is it leaving talk of money and profit at the door since those things do not belong to childhood?
  • Is it the type of place that makes kids grow up a little bit faster?
  • Or, alternatively, does it slow things down a bit so that they are able to bask in the summer glow of childhood just a little bit longer?
Here at Naga, we think it’s all of these things. And we know we have succeeded when kids want to come back every year. Some people call this a “retention rate.” We think of it more as a “success rate.” Things are a bit simpler here at Naga.
We offer children strong feelings of acceptance, challenge, engagement, and safety. As a community, we recognize and adapt to the many different learning styles that exist so that all children can feel heard and loved, no matter what!
One Naga parent Janene Katijani explained, “I am grateful to the staff who communicated with me about what was going on with my child, and took time to connect with me about his individual needs and challenges.”
Our campers grow up so steeped in the love and traditions of our camps, and they can’t wait to become counselors when they grow up! First, they become Junior Counselors, then Counselors in Training, and, finally, Counselors. Naga’s head instructors will personally select counselors who have demonstrated unwavering positivity, enthusiasm, compassion, and leadership skills. We ensure lots of mentorship opportunity by keeping the camper-to-counselor ratio small.

So What Does a camp day at Naga look like?

Your kids will spend their mornings engaged in self-defense and beginning martial arts. Workouts are fun, exciting, and packed with skills and strategies for staying safe and becoming strong!

Afternoons are typically spent at nearby Beaverton Park, surrounded by tall trees and play structures. Running through the fountain is a camp favorite!
We even offer art projects and quiet activities for tired campers who just need a break. With a focus on adventure, learning, and fun, with just the right amount of R&R, we help campers find balance (literally and figuratively) in a world that, well, can seem pretty unbalanced, especially to someone just starting out.

Contact us if you’d like more information about next year’s summer camps! 

You know it takes a village to raise a child, and you understand how important it is to find mentors, coaches and programs that align with your family’s values. At Naga, your child learns self-defense skills, yes, but so much more. Welcome to our village where integrity, honesty, compassion and respect are part of the air we breathe. Incidentally, lots of fun is also guaranteed along the way!