Spring Break Camp!

“Best. Camp. Ever!”

For kids 6-11

Spring Break is a time for fun, and our camp is exactly that! We’ll have fun workouts, practice self-defense skills, go on cool outings, have a sleepover on Thursday night and so much more!

Whether you’ve got to work, or just want to get some stuff done, give your kids to us for the week and know they are safe, cared for and having a blast!

Camp size is limited to the first 12 sign ups.

Dates for 2019: March 25-29

Camp hours: 9:00AM – 3:00PM

Camp Cost: $325 – or make a non-refundable deposit of $100, balance due by March 1st.

Frequently Asked questions

Who is running camp?

Silvia Smart is an educator with a master’s degree, and a sixth degree black belt. She’s been training and teaching martial arts and self-defense for the past 30 years. Camp is part of her DNA as both her grandmother and mother directed summer camps. Silvia grew up spending entire summers as a camper, then a counselor and finally a director. She knows first-hand the growth and development that can happen during wonderful camp days when children spend time together. Under her excellent guidance and watchful eye, your child will experience a proper balance of directed learning activities and plenty of free time for creative play. Silvia has a positive, warm and humorous vibe that kids can relate to. She makes camps empowering, engaging and fun!


Who are the counselors?

Our counselors are teenagers and young adults who grew up attending our summer camps, and who have achieved the rank of black belt, which in our holistic and traditional art is an accomplishment few attain. They are college and high school students hand picked for their ability to connect with kids, positive attitudes and spontaneous bursts of laughter. Though they are trained with an eye toward the overall safety of the group, they also bring high energy and fun to everything they do. The interpersonal dynamics between our ace counselors and the best campers in town is one of the things that makes our camp so memorable for all of us each and every year.

What should my child wear?
  • Loose fitting and comfy clothing is best. We’ll be working out every day so sweats and T’s are great. 
  • If you haven’t trained with us before, you can purchase a pair of uniform pants.
  • NO SHORTS please!
  • We train barefoot.


What should we pack each day?
  • A water bottle with your name on it. You will be getting thirsty and it’s important to stay hydrated! You can also buy water at Naga for $1.
  • Your lunch and a light snack – we will be getting hungry! Make sure you have a cold pack in your lunch.
  • Non-electronic games, books or puzzles to share (optional). We’ll have some “down time” each day so we can all stay healthy and balanced during this intensive week of training.
  • Weather appropriate layers, as we’ll be heading out and about!
  • On Thursday, when you drop off your kiddo, be sure to bring a sleeping bag and pillow, toiletries and pjs and a change of clothes for Friday morning.
  • If your child needs a booster or car seat, we’ll need that on Thursday morning too!