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Self Defense for Kids 6-11

As a parent, one of your primary jobs is to keep your child safe, but our children grow up! A child’s work is to explore the world and spend increasingly more time away from home. You want to be sure they have the tools they need to stay safe, even when they are not by your side. Oh, parenting! It is not for wimps!

Your child leaves class with a new confidence, a strong posture, a loud, forceful voice and a realistic yet positive sense of their place in the world. Sparkling eyes and eager nods of understanding show you our lessons are hitting their mark. We promise to reinforce the message that communication with YOU, their biggest champion, is important now and for the rest of their life. Take a deep breath because now, you have support, materials, concepts and tools to continue this relevant conversation at home.

You want to know your son or daughter can trust themselves, set boundaries and speak up at school, on the playground, at sleepovers or camp, and whenever and wherever the situation demands it. What are you waiting for?

Workshops are scheduled three or four times a year on Saturdays from noon – 1:30PM

Your investment: $20 for one child or two children for $35

Upcoming Workshops:

  • October 12, 2019
  • January 18, 2020
  • April 4, 2020
  • July 25, 2020

Classes sell out. Register soon. 

Your child will gain:


Age appropriate facts. Information and strategies are presented calmly and clearly. Your child learns to trust their gut.

~ Confidence!


The importance of using a loud, commanding voice along with planning and preparation are covered. Your child learns to stand tall in situations that give them cold sweats and clammy hands.

~ Safety!


We practice forceful striking your child will remember for the rest of their lives – and schooling on when it’s OK and not OK to hit!

~ Courage!

Kudos to Naga for a well done self-defense class. My daughter soaked it all up, and we practiced when we got home. I felt like the entire presentation and all of the information given was important.

I signed my daughter up for this class because of my desire for her to hear and learn about possible dangerous situations in the real world. Learning in a class like this was more effective than trying to teach it to her myself as her parent. They don’t teach this stuff at school! I’m glad we came because I feel that a seed has been planted and in the months or years to come, we can build on this and increase her confidence and street smarts.

Michael Wong

Editor, Beaverton Resource Guide, Cedar House Media

Frequently Asked questions

Who is teaching the class?

Silvia Smart is a mom, has 30 years of experience teaching martial arts & self-defense and has her masters degree in education. In her spare time, she does research in order to stay current with issues regarding children and safety. She has a positive, warm and humorous vibe that kids can relate to. She makes classes empowering, engaging and fun! Read Silvia’s bio here (and link to the bio page)

Will class scare my child?

NO! Class is designed very carefully to empower and inform your child. Our aim is for them to leave with honest information and real skills to keep safe for the rest of their lives and a boost in their confidence you’ll be able to see as they walk out the door into the world.

Will this class cover bullying?

Yes! We discuss all sorts of situations in which kids feel like they are loosing control. Bullying is definitely on the list! Please let Silvia know any specifics your child is dealing with before class starts so she can address them head-on in class. (Contact Silvia)

My child is aggressive already. Is this class going to make it worse?

NO! Great responsibility comes with learning to strike. We take that very seriously and make sure the kids understand this as well. However, you know your child best. Consider enrolling your son or daughter in our traditional martial arts classes, Little Monkeys (4-6 yrs old) and Tigers (7-11 yrs old). This way, we’ll have more time to work with them on impulse control, along with lessons in leadership, cooperation, self-confidence, strength of character, and compassion to name just a few.

It’s hard to be a parent. Our job is to support you in raising a happy, healthy human being who makes the world a better place.

We create warriors of peace.

My child is not 6 yet. Do you have a class for them?

YES! You have several options.

  1. Let us set up a special self-defense workshop with your child’s preschool. We will do the legwork and all the other parents will thank you!
  2. Try out our Little Monkeys class for 4-6 year olds.
  3. Private lessons are always available for your children or your family. Just ask.

My daughter is 11 but is very mature for her age. Is this class appropriate for her?

YES! However, your daughter is welcome to come to Ladies’ Fight Night with you, if you feel that she is ready for a more mature message.

Can I stay and watch or participate?

YES! We think it’s important for you to stay and be part of the class. This way, you will know what your child is learning and you will be able to carry on the conversation at home. Please plan to stay and participate or at least observe.

Will you teach my child "Stranger Danger"?

No! Classes that teach your child “Stranger Danger” are a dime a dozen. The reality is that kids are more at risk from known and trusted adults. This is why we believe so strongly that self-defense for children needs to be much more nuanced than a catchy slogan. Anything else is irresponsible at best.

Why the big age spread?

You can imagine that our instructor is in high demand. If you feel the age spread is too great, you are welcome to speak directly with Silvia and organize a private workshop for your group or organization.

This was an excellent class! We both enjoyed it and took away so much valuable information. The information was relevant but not scary. Silvia’s examples of personal experience helped to understand the theory. And the whole class seemed to be at just the right pace to keep the kids attention, which is a difficult thing to do.

This was a very positive and empowering class that I everyone could benefit from!

Prefer a Private Lesson for your child or family, or Custom Training for your group?

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