De-escalation Training

How Can Corporate De-escalation Workshops Benefit Both Your Company and Your Team?

You and your employees are on the front lines. You need a training that effectively creates safety for your team as they encounter hostile, angry and aggressive people or situations.

Taming a potentially explosive encounter is scary. It takes experience and practice. Give your team a hands-on training that they will use for the rest of their lives.

People around the world, in the US, and even in our beautiful city, are reporting an increase in acts of hostility and violence. People who work with the public are at risk of encountering such situations. Give your team a training that will help them feel safer and more confident on the job.

Custom Design

  • Connect with Silvia 
  • Quick phone or in-person interview with you or your chosen team
  • Survey is designed and your staff gives feedback
  • Using the data gleaned from your employees, your workshop is custom-built to meet their specific needs, ensuring that class hits home on every level

Investment: $495/hour – 2 hour minimum

Travel: Negotiated beyond the Portland Metro Area.


Consider the four-hour hybrid Self Defense/De-escalation/Active Shooter workshop.

Your investment: $1695

Contact Silvia to discuss options.

Aside from discussing basic concepts in de-escalation, the workshop will cover:


How we hold ourselves and our tone and demeanor matter in a volatile situation. Practice projecting a calm confidence that will help keep you safe.

~ Be Confident!


The words we say can help to calm a situation down or escalate it further. Get specifics on what to say and how to say it.

~ Be Unflappable!


Be prepared. Have effective tools in your back pocket if you need them. Learn how to get out of danger, how to block and parry and how to protect those around you.

~ Be Courageous!

Silvia’s Street Creds


Sixth Degree Black Belt – Over Three Decades of Teaching and Training

Master’s Degree in Education – Focus on Special Needs

National Women’s Martial Arts Federation – Certified Empowerment Self Defense Instructor

Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors Hall of Fame, Class of 2020

FBI Portland CAAA Executive Board: Family, Safety, Community

This workshop was invaluable for what our team does with daily interactions. So many of the scenarios we worked on are exactly what I’ve been exposed to in my duties. Kudos to TriMet for arranging this much needed, timely personal training!

Stephanie Thornton

On Street Customer Field Rep, TriMet

This workshop was incredibly helpful. I’ve never had this kind of training. It was so worth it! I learned to remember to breathe, as well as to avoid/disarm a potential weapon.

This was a great class and I wish we had more time!

Being able to practice staying calm while someone is yelling at me was so important. I feel like I can trust myself and stand up for myself while working to make a situation safer.

City of Portland, Urban Forestry Department