Surviving an Active Shooter Incident

An Experiential Workshop

You are ready to provide the safest possible environment for your employees. You’ve come to the right place.

Your team faces a vast array of situations both at the workplace and off the job. You want them to be as prepared as possible. Give them up-to-date information and hands-on experience for an event that is unpredictable, unfolds quickly and one in which fast decisions and actions save lives. When your team feels energized and empowered, they are more productive, focussed and present.

From Columbine to the Clackamas Town Center, Sandy Hook and Umpqua Community College, the FBI reports Active Shooter incidents are on the rise. Training for such a situation, one of the worst case scenarios imaginable, is important because knowing what to do and making fast decisions save lives.


This workshop is a simple one hour presentation. It can include an extra hour of practicing the fighting component which can be fun and cathartic after discussion of such a serious and awful topic.

Silvia can work with your whole group or consult directly with your safety team.

The FBI shared this information with Silvia freely so she provides these presentations and workshops only at the cost for her transportation and time.

Investment: $175 for just the presentation or $350 for the presentation and some time to hit pads and yell!

This workshop covers:


Learn about Active Shooter Incidents in the US which put our current day situation in context. Time for questions and discussion give your team the space to process our changing landscape.

~ Knowledge is Power!


Learn the specifics about the strategic response developed by the FBI. This allows your team to breathe a little more freely knowing they have the most up-to-date information to survive an active shooter situation.

~ Be Decisive!


Hitting pads provides a much needed release after a presentation about this topic. Preparation and planning give your staff courage and mean they’ve got what it takes to keep a steady heartbeat and a clear head in any situation.

~ Peace of Mind!

Silvia’s Street Creds


Sixth degree Black Belt – over three decades of teaching and training

Master’s Degree in Education with a focus on special needs

Self Defense Teacher Certification Program

FBI Oregon CAAA Board and Human Trafficking Committee

When our safety committee was tasked with putting together an Active Shooter Preparedness Plan, I invited Silvia to come to our office to share her knowledge on this important topic. Her presentation was engaging and included all of the pertinent information necessary for our committee to create a clear and concise plan for our organization.

Kara Long, SHRM-CP, PHR

Senior Advisor - Human Resources, Education Northwest