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The world, and even the workplace, present your team with scenarios that go beyond on-the-job situations you have trained them to handle. Men and women out in the field, traveling for work, and even in the office or at home, are dealing with people and circumstances that present risks. Go above and beyond, and give your team the skills they will thank you for the rest of their lives.

With the goals of preparation, prevention, and planning, your trainer, Silvia Smart engages and inspires your team. Whether in person or on Zoom, your people will leave the course feeling empowered with the knowledge and skills to handle themselves in an uncertain world.

By attending this class my awareness has gone to another level. The combination of presentation and action makes me feel more confident that I will be prepared in a self-defense situation. Silvia was wonderful!

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You are looking for training that is relevant, empowering, and has excellent value for the investment of time and resources for your company. You want a knowledgeable presenter who engages your team while teaching valuable skills and information they can use every day. Whether you are part of a human resources department, a safety committee, or on an organizational board getting ready for a big conference or convention, you’ve come to the right place.

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All workshops are available in person and online.


Follow the links below to find out more about single-topic workshops or contact Silvia to discuss her four-hour hybrid Self Defense/De-escalation/Active Shooter workshop.

Corporate Self-Defense Workshops

Your team travels on the job, stays late/comes in early to the office, rides public transportation, or deals directly with the public. No matter their safety concerns, support your team with a power-packed workshop custom-designed to meet their needs. Information is specific and tailored. Hands-on practice is fun and collaborative. Anyone can do this! Count on hearing laughter echoing through the hallways as you empower your people! They will thank you – and that’s a promise!

De-escalation Training

You and your employees are on the frontlines. You deal with hostile, angry and aggressive people or situations. This is scary, stressful, exhausting and hard! No one enjoys explosive or volatile encounters! Strategies are informed by experiences your staff currently copes with. Hands-on training and practice is immediately impactful. This workshop is collaborative, empowering and yes, it is even fun! Deepened communication and support are a direct result of this workshop. Give your team the tools they need to be effective and stay safe!

Surviving an Active Shooter Incident

Your team faces a vast array of situations both at the workplace and off the job, and you want them to be as prepared as possible. Give them up-to-date information and hands-on experience for an event that is unpredictable, unfolds quickly and one in which fast decisions and actions save lives. Inform and empower the people who work with you and feel good knowing you are taking steps to make the world a safer place.

Bystander Intervention

Times have been challenging as hate crimes and violence are on the rise. Domestic violence has escalated during the pandemic and angry rhetoric is all over social media and in public spaces. Our day-to-day lives can increasingly feel uncertain. We wonder what we’d do if we saw someone getting harassed or put in harm’s way. Bystander Intervention workshops give your employees the tools they need to assess situations and determine whether or not to interrupt the harm and violence. If they decide to intervene, they will have the skills to do so while keeping a watchful eye on their own safety and that of others. 

Meditation Training

There are so many reasons for you to offer a meditation workshop for your staff. Aside from all the goodness we know meditation can provide, your employees benefit from learning new skills together, as a team. In the current competitive market, proactive employers are bumping up their retention and benefits offerings. What better way to show that health and wellness is a company value than by giving your team training we know helps reduce anxiety, increases blood flow to the brain and boosts the immune system? 

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Successful businesses create engagement through building a community within their workforce. Silvia Smart has been a key partner to Dr. Marten’s AirWair USA in fostering essential components of community. Those components are safety and well-being.

Silvia conducted a series of training courses for our staff that combined lecture, storytelling, demonstration, and both physical and verbal participation. It was so satisfying to hear my fellow Dr. Marten’s employees talk about how the training increased their confidence and sense of empowerment. The trainings were a great value for the time. And, they were a lot of fun! I’d recommend Silvia to any business looking to invest in the physical and mental well-being of their teams.

Marisa Hodes, SPHR

Vice President Human Resources, Dr. Martens AirWair USA LLC

Silvia provided multiple Self Defense classes for our team and the positive feedback from our employees was amazing. She really did a great job making our people feel comfortable and able to participate.

Our employees truly felt that the class was engaging, well thought out, and they learned a great deal. Some of them even went to a second class because they enjoyed it so much!

I would highly recommend Silvia for any company/group/individual trainings.

We are so grateful to have made the partnership and look forward to more wonderful classes in the near future.

Rae Gargari

Office Manager, Simple Finance

NAGA head instructor Silvia Smart throwing a punch

Our trainings are fun too!

Silvia Smart, director of Naga recently delivered a 3-part self-defense class at our office. Silvia’s experience and foresight ensured that time spent in each class was maximized and rewarding. Although some topics associated with self-awareness/assessment and self-defense can be uncomfortable, Silvia ensured the atmosphere was conducive to learning and that students were focused while executing self-defense methods.  Students were encouraged by Silvia to have open discussion of experiences and she continually reinforced previous lessons learned. Silvia effectively facilitates conversation and leads students to think about self-defense in a multi-faceted way.  I would recommend scheduling Silvia in to teach self-defense to any group, young or old, male or female. It’s hard to deny Silvia’s passion for what she does!

Jennifer Maze

Office Safety Committee Coordinator, HDR Engineering

For our safety and wellness program, I asked Silvia to come to our organization and conduct a two hour self-defense class for our employees. She delivered a customized session that addressed the specific concerns and needs of our staff, which enabled them to feel more empowered and confident. Our employees thoroughly enjoyed Silvia’s presentation style and her ability to engage the audience. I highly recommend Silvia to anyone looking for a self-defense class for their organization.

Kara Long, PHR, SHRM-CP

Senior Human Resources Advisor, Education Northwest

This training was awesome!

Amanda Frye

Manager, Safety & Security , TriMet


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