How to Stay Safe When Using a Ride-Share

People ask me all the time about keeping safe when using ride sharing services. Both Uber and Lyft have security measures that are good to know about and take advantage of. They both have in-app safety options such as sharing your ride with someone else or calling 911 directly from your app. During my recent visit to DC with the FBI, for example, I used ride sharing quite a bit so this is fresh on my mind.

My Rides

My Lyft App always gives me a lot of information about my ride: the car color, make and model type, the license plate number, a photo of the driver and their name. I always double check all of it before I hoped in. Alternatively, the driver knows my name and has my photo. If they don’t greet me with “Hi, Silvia!” I pause and say, “Can you confirm that I’m your ride? What do you have as my name?”

There is a Lot of Good Information Available

Below are links to safety tips directly from the service you use. The last link has a more global approach with strategies, apps and other information to keep you safe on the go. I want you to live life fearless, so take advantage of the strategies these companies provide and always trust your intuition!

Links to Safety Information

Here are some good tips from Lyft and Uber:

“Here’s a link to an article titled “Uber & Lyft Safety Tips You Haven’t Already Heard”

Keep traveling, keep moving, keep safe and keep having a wonderful life. Meanwhile, if you want to learn incredible self-defense skills, come train with us!