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Silvia Smart | Podcast Host

With over three decades of experience teaching self-defense to children, teens, and adults, host Silvia Smart is a sixth-degree black belt and Head Instructor at her martial arts school in Oregon. Smart an inductee into the Association of Women’s Martial Arts Instructors Hall of Fame is recognized for both her dedication and body of work. Smart shares her compassion, ferocity, and wisdom with companies, organizations, private groups, schools, and universities around the country.

It is Silvia’s joy to share the gifts of power and safety through understanding, humor, and storytelling. Smart’s hope is that by listening together, children, and the adults who care about them, find connection and communication around the important topic of personal safety and empowerment. Her passion for this work is evident from the very first episode.

Available here on the website and also on most podcast platforms.

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Production and Editing: Henry Smart-Denson

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The Empowerment Podcast

Interrupting the Cycle Violence through Self Defense.

Research proves that empowerment self-defense programs work. Participants are less fearful, more aware of their boundaries, and are able to speak up sooner when faced with manipulative or threatening situations.

Furthermore, for those who have experienced trauma in the past, evidence shows that empowerment self-defense training can interrupt the cycle of violence and decrease the likelihood of a future assault. Join host Silvia Smart in this safe space. With over three decades on the frontlines, she’ll give you all the skills and knowledge you need to live your most fearless and empowered life!

The Empowerment Podcast – Episode 35

Boys and Young Men are Assaulted Too – Interview with a survivor

Meet survivor, Jake Sinclair, as he and host, Silvia Smart, discuss what happened, what it was like, how he has dealt with it, how he’s found healing, and what his life is like today. According to RAINN (the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), one out of every ten rape victims are male and about 3% – or 1 in 33 – American men have experienced an attempted or completed rape.

Listeners, please be advised that this episode contains strong language and content and adjust your listening accordingly.

Connect with Silvia

Special thanks to my editor, Collin Taber (@that2ndtaberkid)

National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673
National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

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The Empowerment Podcast – Episode 34

Decolonization and Empowerment Self Defense. An Interview with Magdalena Dircio Diaz

Colonization is all around us and even lives inside of us. We can find it right now as we look at our politics, power, spirituality, daily life, familiesand , relationships— it’s literally everywhere. How do we become aware of it? And once we see it, how do we start to pull it apart?
Join this interesting and wide-ranging discussion about decolonization and what it takes to deconstruct the predominant cultural and social paradigm. It’s personal, it’s lived and it’s ours to become aware of and to move through. As people who are interested in empowerment and self-defense, how does this important topic impact the way we show up for ourselves and for others?

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Magdalena Diaz works at the Office of Student Affairs at Cal State. She grew up undocumented which had a huge impact on her family life, her education and the choices available to her. Hear the story about a moment that changed the trajectory of her career and propelled her forward in her empowerment journey.

The Empowerment Podcast – Episode 33

Build Your Resiliency to Sexual Coercion
What does coercion look, feel and sound like when it’s used in intimate settings when we are often at our most vulnerable? How do you build your awareness of and resilience to it? What self-defense tools will you want to have stashed in your self-defense toolkit to deal with sexual coercion? Join host Silvia Smart and her guest, Justine Halliwill from the University of Oregon where she teaches self-defense. In Part 2 of this two-part series, we take a look at coercion, your sexuality and strategies you can use to prevent sexual assault and keep yourself safe.

The Empowerment Podcast – Episode 32

What is coercion as it relates to sexual assault? What does it look like, sound like, feel like? How do we build resilience to it? What are tools we can add to our toolkit to deal with coercion when we feel it is happening to us? Luckily for us, in this episode, we are joined by Justine Halliwill from the University of Oregon where she teaches self-defense. Join us for part one of this two part series as we take a look at this manipulative ploy which is so nuanced and important to understand!

The Empowerment Podcast – Episode 30

Boundaries are fundamental to our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health and safety. Join host Silvia Smart and THRIVE – with a little help from your boundaries!

Find out:
What is a boundary? How do boundaries make us safer? What other reasons make them important? What does a boundary have to do with empowerment self-defense? How do you know where yours begin and end? How do you set a boundary? How do you make your boundaries known and how do you enforce them?

This is the good stuff! Enjoy!

Special thanks to my producer/editor, Henry Smart-Denson

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Connect with Silvia:

Evoke Episode – Enmeshment (

The Empowerment Podcast – Episode 29

Empowerment Self Defense Works!

Empowerment Self Defense really works! Find out how Jocelyn Hollander’s research at the University of Oregon is proving this – and so much more! ESD training works not just to keep you safer, though it does that REALLY WELL! It also has positive impacts that reach far beyond your class. Participants report being empowered in a variety of different areas of their personal and professional lives.

Here’s proof that Empowerment Self Defense keeps participants safer and changes lives and the balance of power.

Join me and my guest, Jocelyn Hollander as we discuss her research methods and findings on the efficacy of ESD and so much more! Jocelyn is a professor at the University of Oregon. Researching the efficacy of ESD has become her life’s work. She’s got fantastic information and perspective! Enjoy!

Find out more:
Jocelyn at the U of O:
Jocelyn’s Web Page:

#theempowermentpodcastbynaga, #nagacommunity, @nagacommunity @nagamartialarts #esd, #empowermentselfdefense

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