The Power Up Kids Self Defense Podcast – Episode 3

How does it feel to be threatened by a bully at school? How can kids power up and respond? What works for kids and what support can parents provide? How can schools respond in a way that is safe, effective and fair?

Join this age-appropriate conversation with Emilia, daughter of host Silvia Smart, and find out what happened when a school bully tried to intimidate her in fourth grade. What did she do when he pulled out a pair of scissors and threatened her? How did it feel, at 10 years old, to find herself in that vulnerable position?

Listen as Emilia describes what she did, how she handled this complex situation, and how her mom supported her when the school fumbled. Use this conversation as a jumping-off point for a family conversation. Add these important strategies to your child’s self-defense toolkit. Engage with your kiddo’s school to ascertain what their bullying policies are. Hint: “No Tolerance” is a good start.

Special thanks to my producer/editor, Henry Smart-Denson

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The Power Up Kids Self Defense Podcast – Episode 2

Our bodies are designed to warn us when something is wrong. Learn about your amazing alarm system and find out how to pay attention when your body is talking to you! Listen to Silvia’s story which illustrates this concept, find out what happened, and learn ways to practice. This is one of the most important tools in your self-defense toolkit!

Special thanks to my producer/editor, Henry Smart-Denson

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#powerup, #theempowermentproject, #kidselfdefense, #selfdefense, #thepowerupkidsselfdefensepodcast, #nagacommunity, #firstlineofdefense

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The Power Up Kids Self Defense Podcast – Episode 1

Welcome to Episode #1 of The Power Up Kids Self Defense Podcast! Meet your teacher and host, Silvia Smart. Find out what we’re going to learn and how this podcast is going to unfold. Get to know and understand some of the basic concepts so we can all be on the same page. This is exciting! So happy you are here!

Special thanks to my producer/editor, Henry Smart-Denson

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#powerup, #theempowermentproject, #kidselfdefense, #selfdefense, #powerupkidsselfdefensepodcast, #nagacommunity,

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Silvia Smart | Podcast Host

With over three decades of experience teaching self-defense to children, teens, and adults, host Silvia Smart is a sixth-degree black belt and Head Instructor at her martial arts school in Oregon. Smart an inductee into the Association of Women’s Martial Arts Instructors Hall of Fame is recognized for both her dedication and body of work. Smart shares her compassion, ferocity, and wisdom with companies, organizations, private groups, schools, and universities around the country.

It is Silvia’s joy to share the gifts of power and safety through understanding, humor, and storytelling. Smart’s hope is that by listening together, children, and the adults who care about them, find connection and communication around the important topic of personal safety and empowerment. Her passion for this work is evident from the very first episode.

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Production and Editing: Henry Smart-Denson

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The continuum is important because, during all our episodes, we’ll be looking at various scenarios and hearing lots of success stories. We can start to place them on this spectrum and see how and where they land. As we build up your self-defense toolkit, we’ll identify tools that work especially well on the lower end of the spectrum, some that are key on the farther end and a bunch of stuff in between.

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