The Empowerment Podcast – Episode 13

In part three of this series on domestic violence, we continue to look at behaviors of an abusive person along with warning signs and red flags. We talk about indicators of an unhealthy, potentially dangerous relationship. As a balance to that, we think through a few guideposts pointing the way to a healthy relationship. It’s a lot to listen to and think about, so remember to breathe!

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The Empowerment Podcast – Episode 14

Today, we get to spend some time with Py Bateman! Py is one of the original founders of what has become the Empowerment Self Defense Movement. When Py began training Karate, she was one of only a very small handful of women in the martial arts. Py was the founder of the Feminist Karate Union in Seattle, which is still going strong today. Py was Chief Instructor there from 1971 through 1984. Back in 1978, Py published “Fear Into Anger: A Manual of Self Defense for Women” which you can still buy on Amazon. There was even a song written about her by The Righteous Mothers call, aptly, “PY”. Be sure to look it up!

Py has been one of my heroes since I first heard her name back in the early 90’s when I was a self-defense teacher wannabe. Some of you will remember Py’s amazing story from episode #2. If you haven’t heard that episode yet, about the continuum of sexual assault, be sure to go back and listen!

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The Empowerment Podcast – Episode 15

Join host Silvia Smart as she interviews Jennifer Hirsch, Professor of Socio-Medical Sciences at Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health and co-author of “Sexual Citizens: A Landmark Study of Sex, Power and Assault on Campus” published by WW Norton. Why are college campuses such incredibly ripe environments for sexual assault? How could institutions, organizations, families, and individuals use the wealth of information in this landmark study to prevent the so-called “Red-Zone” and create campuses where students are able to be both autonomous and safe? This is a paradigm-shifting book. Listen up, read the book, then let’s get out and make the world a safer place! @jennifershirsch @shamuskhan @wwnorton

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The Empowerment Podcast – Episode 16

What’s the difference between EMPOWERMENT Self Defense and other schools of self-defense? Join host, Silvia Smart, as she speaks with Martha Thompson, Senior Lead Instructor at Impact Chicago for over 30 years, academic and current NWMAF Self Defense Coordinator. They explore what puts the “empowerment” into the Empowerment self-defense model and what makes it different from self-defense courses that don’t make that distinction. Find out how ESD responds to social change movements and what has driven Martha to dedicate her life to this work!

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The Empowerment Podcast – Episode 17

Join host Silvia Smart and guest, Katherine White, as they discuss “Victim Blaming” and why we don’t do it! We’ll talk about what it is, how it came about, why it’s so awful, and how it perpetuates the shame cycle relative to sexual assault and violence. Free yourself of blame, release the weight of judgment and place the blame squarely where it belongs: on the perpetrator. “No more victim-blaming” is a paradigm-shifting concept taught in Empowerment Self Defense classes. Join us for this important conversation!

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The Empowerment Podcast – Episode 18

Join host, Silvia Smart and her guest, Adriana Li! Get to know Adriana and find out about her Empowerment Self Defense journey. She started off as a student at Impact Boston and has, over the past three years, become an ESD Instructor there. We’ll discover what inspires Adriana and we’ll spend time talking about issues and experiences that are particular to People of Color within the broad framework of the empowerment self-defense movement. @NagaMartialArts @ImpactBoston,

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The Empowerment Podcast – Episode 19

Meet Pam and hear her story as she shares with us what happened, how she was manipulated, groomed, and tricked into staying. She’s going to point out red flags that popped up along the way, and explain how her awareness grew. We’ll find out what made her finally decide to leave and we’ll get to hear the story of her dangerous and powerful escape.

This is the first of a three-part series. In Part Two, we’ll meet Abigail, who married the same abuser a few years after Pam left him. In Part Three, Pam and Abigail come together and we discuss what they’ve learned, how they’ve helped one another, how far they have come, what friends and family can do to support a loved one in an abusive relationship and so much more.

Names and voices have been changed for safety. Please be aware that the content is at times, very hard to listen to.

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Silvia Smart | Podcast Host

With over three decades of experience teaching self-defense, host Silvia Smart is a sixth-degree black belt and Head Instructor at her martial arts school in Oregon. Smart was recognized for her dedication when the Association of Women’s Martial Arts Instructors inducted her into their Hall of Fame class of 2020. Aside from teaching at her school, she brings her compassion and expertise to companies like Nike, The City of Portland, Doc Marten, the FBI and various non-profits, organizations, private groups, schools and universities around the country.

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