Train with Pendekar Terra Kurnia

LANGKAH – Silat Footwork

Movement with Sarung from Sulawesi

LANGKAH – Silat Footwork

Children and Adults – Friday, January 12, from 6-9PM

Sarung Tenun Khas

Teens (12+) and Adults only – Saturday, January 13, from 1-4PM

By Invitation Only

Sunday, January 14,  8-10AM – Tiger Claw Knife


$39 for one workshop, $65 for both or $99 for all three


Potluck Dinner Saturday, 6-9PM

Workshop participants are invited to a potluck dinner in the home of Mas Goeroe Jeff and Mas Goeroe Silvia.

Bring a healthy dish to share.

Your family is welcome too.

No Pork, Please