Employee Appreciation Day at the FBI

The Portland FBI asked me to teach a self-defense class for their Employee Appreciation Day which sounded like a lot of fun! It turned out to be a lovely day with the sun peeking through the clouds – neither too hot nor too cold – and no rain! We went through their security protocol and headed outside to the basketball court, gathered around and got right to it.

Hunh? Really?

When they first asked me to teach, I wondered why? Why would FBI agents need to learn self-defense? Turns out, although they get tactical training, hand-to-hand is not part of their instruction. There is also the staff at HQ who aren’t agents, as well as interns on duty for the summer. Those employees don’t get any of the physical training agents do, and most had never taken a self-defense class before.

Dead Bodies – Just Kidding!

When I teach corporate classes, I arrive with a HUGE black duffle bag on a dolly stuffed with pads, practice weapons and various and sundry tricks of the trade. Two students came along from my school, Naga, to help me. They did not think it was funny when, as we were heading through security, I joked about having a dead body in my big rolling duffle. The guard busted out laughing and we got to talk about martial arts from Indonesia. He’s got a friend, who’s got a friend…

Back on the Court

Back on the basketball court, the air vibrated with yelling, cheering and laughter. My strong and trusty pad holders stood their ground as they were pummeled mercilessly over and over again with various kicks and strikes. These folks did not hold back! Our time together was fierce and sweet.

How grateful I am for the perfect day, an outdoor self-defense class, my wonderful pad holders and the opportunity to share a few things with the Portland FBI.

Why Should a Business Offer this Training to their Employees?

If it’s good enough training for the FBI, chances are it’s good for your employees too! Seriously, there are so many reasons for companies like yours to provide their staff with self-defense and de-escalation workshops. Aside from employee benefits and retention, this training provides entire teams with skills they can use to stay (and keep one another) safe. Teams talk about and practice with one another long after the workshop ends. Your crew appreciates your concern and your investment can save lives.

When You are Ready

Along with self-defense, meditation and de-escalation workshops, we provide active shooter training as well. When your company or organization is ready, fill out a contact form and let’s talk about what you and your team really need. Let us design a workshop or series of workshops just for you. It’s easy, it’s important, it’s empowering and we will make it work for you!



Thank you to the Portland FBI for asking Naga to teach Self Defense. We had so much fun with all of you!


Photo creds: PDXFBI