A Gathering of Dragons

“Best. Camp. Ever!”

For kids 6-11

Summer is a time for fun, and camps are a great way for kids to dip their toes into new experiences. Not everyone wants to join us on a journey toward black belt, but stepping onto the training path for a week or two is a fantastic option! Open this door and your child will be welcomed into an exciting journey through the Indonesian jungle! They will make lots of new friends, have plenty of time to run and play outside under the trees, and importantly, they will learn essential elements of this holistic martial art, along with self-defense skills that last a lifetime.

Your child will have one of the best weeks of their summer as they are guided, nudged, and challenged along a path toward self-discovery and empowerment. Resilience and grit grow, and the daily practice of courage, cooperation and compassion leads to deepening awareness, empathy and self-sufficiency. Your heart will smile as you see these qualities showing up in all areas of your child’s life. It is no small feat, but we create warriors of peace!

You want to know your child can trust themselves, set boundaries and speak up at school, on the playground, at sleepovers, other camps, and whenever and wherever the situation demands it.

Dates for 2019: 

July 1 – 5 (off for July 4) – TIGER Camp! Be fierce and learn incredible ways to move on the ground! 

July 8-12 – SNAKE Camp! Be unstoppable and practice speed and power!

Camp hours: 9AM – 3:00PM with early drop off at 8 and extended care till 5:30PM 

Camp Cost:  $325/week, or make a $100 non-refundable deposit, balance due anytime before June 15

Pre-Camp: $40/week or $10 per day as needed.

Aftercare: $100/week or $25 per day as needed.

Here’s what you can count on your child learning:

Mental Strength

Discipline, Respect, Focus, Listening, Patience, Leadership

~ Confidence

Self Defense

Striking, Kicking, Voice, Releases, Parries, (and when it’s OK to hit and when it’s not!)

~ Safety!


Balance, Breathing, Meditation, Perseverance, Compassion

~ Courage!

I’m ready to enroll my child in summer camp!

Frequently Asked questions

Who is running camp?

Silvia Smart is an educator with a master’s degree, and a sixth degree black belt. She’s been training and teaching martial arts and self-defense for the past 30 years. Summer camps are part of her DNA as both her grandmother and mother directed summer camps. Silvia grew up spending entire summers as a camper, then a counselor and finally a director. She knows first-hand the growth and development that can happen during the wonderful long days of summer when children spend time together. Under her excellent guidance and watchful eye, your child will experience a proper balance of directed learning activities and plenty of free time for creative play. Silvia has a positive, warm and humorous vibe that kids can relate to. She makes camps empowering, engaging and fun!


Who are the counselors?

Our counselors are teenagers and young adults who grew up attending our summer camps, and who have achieved the rank of black belt, which in our holistic and traditional art is an accomplishment few attain. They are college and high school students hand picked for their ability to connect with kids, positive attitudes and spontaneous bursts of laughter. Though they are trained with an eye toward the overall safety of the group, they also bring high energy and fun to everything they do. The interpersonal dynamics between our ace counselors and the best campers in town is one of the things that makes our camp so memorable for all of us each and every year.

What should my child wear?
  • Everyone will get a camp T-shirt. We ask that your camper wear this every day.
  • If you haven’t trained with us before, you can purchase a pair of uniform pants or wear loose fitting pants that stretch or leggings.
  • NO SHORTS for our morning workouts, please.
  • If you are a student at Naga, wear your uniform with your sash or belt.
  • We train barefoot.


What should we pack each day?
  • A water bottle with your name on it. You will be getting thirsty and it’s important to stay hydrated! You can also buy water at Naga for $1.
  • Your lunch and a light snack – we will be getting hungry! Make sure you have a cold pack in your lunch.
  • Non-electronic games, books or puzzles to share (optional). We’ll have some “down time” each day so we can all stay healthy and balanced during this intensive week of training.
  • Shorts and sneakers to change into as well as a jacket or rain gear if it’s chilly or damp
  • A swimsuit to wear under your clothes and a towel. One of the parks we go to has a fountain to cool off in. We make time for changing into suits before we head out. (Even kids who say they don’t want to go in the fountain usually end up going in, so a towel and change of clothes is a really good idea for everyone!)
  • Sunscreen! We will also have plenty on hand if you forget.
Will you offer more camps this summer?

This summer we have a special sleepover camp just for girls! Check it out: GRLQUAKE: Shake it up! Power Camp

As far as day camps are concerned, we put a huge amount of effort into making our camps as fun and power packed as possible for each and every camper. This takes a lot of time, energy and people power. All of us have family, friends, activities to do, and communities we like to give back to. In order to keep camps as special as they are, and in order to keep balance in our own lives, we offer only a few camps per summer. Because of this, they are in high demand. Be sure to sign up early.

Back by popular demand. An empowerment camp just for girls!

I’m ready to enroll my child in summer camp!