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The Empowerment Project | Beginning Self Defense

Research proves that taking an empowerment self-defense class makes you safer. Period. Awareness of your intuition, of grooming practices and how violence works create a foundation for safety, security and peace of mind. Work to define your boundaries, how to set them clearly and protect yourself if they are crossed.

In the beginning class you will:

  • Learn how crucial your awareness is and how paying attention to it keeps you safer.
  • Sharpen your boundaries, and make them known.
  • Ramp up your volume with voice work and verbal exercises.
  • Familiarize yourself with best practices for a physical response and other options to violence
  • Drill kicks and hand strikes with pads.

There are no refunds for this class, but we are happy to reschedule you once.

CLICK HERE to register for a full weekend of self-defense – both the beginning and advanced classes – and get the beginning class FREE. (Sorry, Advanced Class is currently unavailable.)

Or just take the beginning class. That’s awesome too!


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