A Few Words About “Beyond Lockdown”

This video came across my desk because it was being considered for endorsement by a non-profit organization I serve on the board of. We have since decided to endorse it, so now I can pass it along to you. I think this video may be able to add to an ongoing dialogue in our homes and communities about school safety.

How do we keep our kids safe? How do we keep our workplaces safe? What are our personal responsibilities? What is the bigger picture? What kind of citizens do we want to be – and do we want our children to grow up to be? Where do compassion and empathy fit into this picture? What about communication? Awareness? Why is it important to reach out to all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, orientation, religious belief? How can we, our communities and our children live together with respect, kindness and a deep sense of security?

We live in a changing landscape in which there is an increasing amount of fear. I pass this video along not to add to your fear, but to open up conversations about overcoming fear. When we face our fears and prepare, we live more fully and peacefully. We become stronger and more courageous. This video addresses a situation most of our children will never have to face, thank goodness. However, my hope is that it helps you talk about some things with your families, co-workers and friends.

Caution: Don’t watch the video the first time with your children. Though it’s got good information in it, the music and images could create a sense of fear, especially for younger children. Your kids, if you choose to share this with them (it may not be appropriate for all ages), will need your help interpreting the message.

Thanks to the CPPS (Center for Personal Protection and Safety) for putting together this video. Please consider reaching out to this organization for support in getting trainings going in your child’s school.