Little Monkeys

Foundations in Martial Arts for 4-6 year olds

Your child is welcomed onto the mat and into an engaging journey through the Indonesian jungle! They will learn essential elements of this holistic martial art, and self-defense skills that last a lifetime. Your Little Monkey will be guided, pushed, nudged, and challenged along a path to self-discovery and empowerment. As a parent, you will have new allies and a supportive community to walk alongside you in what can easily be considered the most important journey of your lifetime. Raising a whole, healthy and happy human being!

Your child will develop basic skills they need in order to stay safe when they step out from under your protective wings.

We are currently not accepting new Little Monkeys

Here’s what you can count on your child learning:

Mental Strength

Discipline, Respect, Focus, Listening, Patience, Leadership

~ Confidence

Self Defense

Striking, Kicking, Voice, Releases, Parries, (and when it’s OK to hit and when it’s not!)

~ Safety!


Balance, Breathing, Meditation, Perseverance, Compassion

~ Courage!

Curious about where this journey might lead your child?

Each time my son comes away from class he has a tangible result. The discipline and structure of a martial art are important for a little girl or boy. But the way classes are taught at Naga isn’t rigid, the feel here is flexible and accommodating. Jeff and Silvia have a great vibe and surprising approach. Their teaching style resonates with families. They are approachable and the kids always come away feeling good about themselves and what they just learned.
Mike Martin

Director, Technical Delivery Transformation, Tantalus Systems, Inc.

Frequently Asked questions

Who is teaching my kid?
We are! Jeff and Silvia are the owners and Head Instructors at Naga. We believe your child deserves the most experienced instruction so they start their journey off with sure footing. As you know, your child is developing at lightning speed right now, and with our experience, educational background and training, we are up to the task! We want your kid to have fun, so we are creative about the way we approach lessons and progression. We believe that a gentle but firm hand is important so that your child feels safe but leaves each class feeling better/bigger/stronger/ than they did when they got here. Your child steps onto the mat and into our hearts and we are greatly honored that you share them with us.
My child is almost 7, can we just start in the Tigers Program?
Most six year olds benefit from learning the fundamental skills and basic expectations in Little Monkeys before they jump into Tigers training, even if it’s just for a few months. We want your child to feel confident and prepared, both physically and mentally as they continue along their training path. As you know, all children are unique and develop differently, so we will use Little Monkeys to evaluate your kiddo and promise we won’t hold them back if we feel they are ready!
Do I have to sign an annual contract?
No! We believe simpler is better! The world is complicated enough without us making it more so. Our memberships are month-to-month and easy to cancel or put on hold.

The Martin Family

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