Ladies' Fight Night: College Edition

Ladies’ Fight Night: College Edition

As you begin your journey out into the world and away from home, equip yourself with our most popular self-defense training.

Along with other college aged women, you’ll:
  • Feel prepared with the knowledge of what to look out for so you can remain safe and protected on campus.
  • Create your own unique game plan to easily ensure your safety, which will give you (and your parents!) peace of mind.
  • Simple powerful self-defense techniques to build your confidence.
  • You’ll not only feel liberated but comfortable in all your ventures as you move away from home.

Young women on college campuses are facing an epidemic of rape and assault. Many colleges are just beginning to be aware of what’s at stake, so getting this training before you leave gives you a head start and an extra spring in your step as your incredible journey unfolds.

What to bring: Wear clothing that is comfortable to move in (no shorts, please!) and bring a water bottle. We’ll ask you to slip off your shoes as you step onto our mat.

I have taken two of Silvia’s self defense classes and wanted my college bound daughter to learn these skills from such a talented teacher. Silvia is wonderful.

I realized that it was very important for me to take a self defense class and having one focused on college aged women was exactly what I was looking for.

I am so glad I came to your class! Now I have some skills to use if I’m in a bad situation, especially knowing where to target and how to hit most effectively. Also the idea that speed is power!! I understand now that I don’t need to be big and strong to be able to defend myself.

I have the right to say: