Yet another mass shooting on American soil. The deadliest in modern US history. Again.

Would you know what to do if you were to end up in a mass shooting? Would your coworkers? Your family?

Making quick decisions and acting fast saves lives. It’s important to be prepared.

Below find a link to the FBI film about surviving an Active Shooter situation. Having worked with the FBI and conducting numerous corporate and community trainings for Active Shooter scenarios, I always recommend this movie.

It’s absolutely key to work through a plan with your team, to prepare yourself mentally, to think through scenarios that might happen in your workplace, and to get some hands on practice. Preparation and planning = survival.

Did you know that running is your best choice?

If you need to hide, you should silence your cell phone. You can contact the police by quietly by texting to 911. Texting 911 works well up and down the I5 corridor but doesn’t function as well in rural areas.

When you text, give as many specific details as you can:

  • Your exact location/address
  • Where you are hiding
  • How many shooters and what they are wearing, what they look like
  • if you know, text them the location of the shooter/s and which direction he/they were heading

Making a plan saves lives.

“Run, Hide, Fight” the FBI film on surviving an Active Shooter situation:

Share this information far and wide. Help everyone you know get prepared.