Things to Know About Testing

Once you have a test date:  

  • Be sure you are running your standards and holds each and every day.  Run them in the living room, in your backyard, anywhere! Just keep running them!
  • Look on the “members” page of the website for lots of helpful information and answers to questions. Ask for the password if you don’t know it yet.

Two Weeks before your test:

  • Make sure the all-school cleaning list is posted. Copies are kept in the manilla folder with the standards sheets in the cubby on the mat floor.
  • Make sure there are clean rags — take them home and wash them if they are running low.  This may need to be done more than once.

The Week of your test:

  • Be sure to inform the Goeroes if you have any dietary restrictions, allergies or medications they need to know about.
  • Drink plenty of liquids so that, come the day of your test, you are well hydrated.
  • Rest for the few days before your test.
  • Sleep well and have a great dinner the night before your test starts.
  • MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT TIME YOUR TEST STARTS! If you are late, you risk not testing

Day of your test – Arrive 30 to 45 minutes early and check in with a Golden

  • Eat a good breakfast
  • Bring water or electrolytes
  • Wear your white uniform
  • Bring:
    • Flowers (tradition is 13 roses with thorns, but 3 flowers is plenty)
    • A white candle (in glass is best)
    • Incense
    • Food to share with your teachers during your test.
    • Copies of your hold sheets
    • Your fighting gear
  • If your test is scheduled on a Saturday, the cleaning should have been done by Friday night. No cleaning during Little Monkeys class.
  • Hold your bows till the highest rank breaks theirs
  • Please do not talk
  • Expect the unexpected!
  • Do your best and have fun!

The Tradition of cleaning the floor:

All testers are asked to clean the workout floor together.

Please arrange to do this the day or two before your test.

    • Sweep the floor thoroughly.  Get rid of all dust bunnies and stray hairs.
    • Get a clean bucket of hot water and put a few tablespoons of salt in it.
  • Keep the bucket in the cubby room so it doesn’t spill and cause mold and mildew to grow down under and in between the mats!
  • Grab some rags. Everyone starts at the dragon wall on hands and knees. Dunk the rags and wring them out really well. Wash the floor with everyone moving together from the altar wall all the way back towards the back of the school.

Things to know about testing FOR FRIENDS AND FAMILY

  • Expect the test to last until it is done – this may be much longer than you might think
  • Family and friends can watch. They may come and go.
  • Bring Food to share. Your child’s test is a celebration!
  • Family and friends, please do not talk to the tester once the test has begun.
  • Please refrain from flash photography, as it is unsafe for the testers and students who are participating.
  • Expect the unexpected!
  • Enjoy the achievements of your child/friend! Have fun! Celebrate!