Testing at Naga – How it Works

For students looking at Gold, Blue, Green & Brown Sash Testing

This process, like your training, is IN YOUR HANDS


A date for your test will be set when you show you have:

  • Been signed off on and know all requirements on your standards sheet
  • Completed your teaching hours
  • Worked with your attackers and you have run your holds in under 6 minutes
  • Prepared your rapid fire Kumbongs

This will require that you:

  • Schedule Open Mat Time
    • Ask teammates to be your attackers
    • Phone numbers are available on the emergency contact list or just ask in class
    • Schedule as many times as you need for open mat time
    • Follow the rules of open mat time*
  • Attend Testing Evaluation Class – The first Saturday of every month (11:30AM-12:30PM) unless rescheduled (announced in advance)
    • Participate in the All-School Work Out on the day of Testing Evaluation Class
    • Wear your white uniform
    • Come prepared to show any standard you are asked to run
    • Pull out and have ready your standards sheet
    • Parents, plan to show up at 12:15 for an informational discussion
  • Pay your testing fee by:



  • An adult must be present at all times
  • Connect with a Golden to get the lock box code
  • Sign in on the Open Mat clipboard – behind the bamboo screen
  • Leave the school as clean or cleaner than it was when you arrived
  • LOCK the school when you leave (not doing so will result in losing this privilege)