Pelejaron Poekoe

(Learning to Strike the Way of the Teacher)

R Punch, parry

L Punch, parry

R Base of Palm, parry

L Base of Palm, parry

R Rib Jab, parry

L Rib Jab, parry

R Rib Jab

With Right Hand:

Ridge Hand

Reverse Ridge Hand

Chop Out to the Side

Chop Side of Neck

Slice Blow

Tiger Claw

Reverse Tiger Claw


Rake Back

Arm goes up and around

Spear Hand to Throat

Eye Jab

Parry Down and Around


X-Parry Pull

Do it all again, starting with the Left Side



L parry down, monkey paw

R hand in chamber

Turn 45 degree angle with body, R toes point to L wind direction

L hand pulls up to indirect parry by R ear

R Mawassi inside out/L rolling thunder

Pull R forearm perpendicular to the ground


Pull L fist to chamber

Drop R hand to parry and monkey paw

Rotate body and feet – L toes point to R wind

R hand up to indirect parry at L ear

L mawassi inside out


Repeat the hand/foot movements and mawassis follow in this order:

Outside in

Straight in




L Hand makes target, R elbow UP

L Hand makes target, R elbow DOWN

L Hand makes target, R elbow ACROSS

L Hand blocks overhead, R elbow drifts back, R hand pushes front, R elbow BACK

X-Parry Pull


Repeat on the opposite side