Kids’ Holds

Here you’ll find all the Kids’ Holds from Beginners through Green Sash in simple list form, which you can copy and paste.

Kids’ CUN TAO Holds

Week 1

two hands against one

hair grip front

arm twist

hair grip back


Additional Requirements

rolling fall

side fall

front fall


Week 2

wrist grips high v.1

wrist grips high v.2

wrist grips low

wrist grip outside

wrist grip inside


Verbal Defense

Stop! Leave Me Alone!


Week 3

full nelson on floor

full nelson off floor


Additional Requirements – Vocabulary



Terima Kasih Banyak


Gotong Rojong





Week 4

waist strangle behind including arms

waist strangle behind excl arms

waist strangle front excl arms

foot sweeps v.2


Additional Requirements

Cun Tao Lunka


Week 5

choke front v.1

choke front v.2

choke front v.3

choke front v.4


Additional Requirements

Flower Parry

Leaf Parry

Fighting Hand Position


1st Stripe Test


Week 6 

headlock front and to the side

headlock straight front v.1

headlock straight front v.2


Additional Requirements – History

Name of the Art

Names of Teachers

Country of Origin

Symbol of Poekoelan

Age MGAB Began Training


Week 7 

headlock from side v.1

headlock from side v.2

headlock from side v.3

headlock from side v.4


Additional Requirements

Front Thrust Kick

Saber Kick

Clip Kick


Week 8 

one hand push front v.1

one hand push front v.2

one hand push front v.3

one hand push front v.4


Additional Requirements

Snap Groin Kick

Side Thrust Kick

Spin Back Kick


2nd Stripe Test


Week 9 

one hand blouse grip w punch v.1

one hand blouse grip w punch v.2


Additional Requirements

Full Squat

Karate Walk

Weave Step


Week 10

hand crush pull down

hand crush break arm on shoulder

hand crush grab your own gi

hand crush break arm under arm pit

hand crush hip toss

hand crush flip

hand crush arm lock and roll out


Additional Requirements

Frontal Shear

Spin Back Shear


3rd Stripe Test


Week 11

waist strangle front incl arms

choke behind and elbow hold v.1

choke behind and elbow hold v.2


Week 12

choke on floor on stomach v.1

choke on floor on stomach v.2

choke on floor on back v.1

choke on floor on back v.2


Week 13

choke from the side v.1

choke from the side v.2

choke in chair front

choke in chair behind


White Sash Test

All Holds in Under 6 Minutes


For Gold Sash    

collar hold v.1

collar hold v.2

annoying attack v.1

annoying attack v.2

octopus v.1

octopus v.2

three attackers v.1

three attackers v.2

two hand push front v.1

two hand push front v.2

two hand blouse grip v.1

two hand blouse grip v.2

For Blue Sash  

club overhead

club jab

gun front high

gun front low

gun front hidden close by

gun front hidden distant

gun front from a distance

gun from side v.1

gun from side v.2

gun behind high v.1

gun behind high v.2

gun behind low v.1

gun behind low v.2

gun behind close by

For Green Sash  

rifle v.1

rifle v.2

rifle v.3

rifle v.4

ripper v.1

ripper v.2

ripper v.3

ripper v.4

ripper v.5

ripper v.6

ripper v.7

ripper v.8

knife stab overhead

knife stab overhead with pullback

knife stab low v.1

knife stab low v.2

knife stab low v.3

knife against throat

knife against throat w pullback

knife behind against the back

choke with scarf v.1

choke with scarf v.2

choke with scarf v.3