Black Belt Training Plan Recommendations

BB Training Plan Recommendations – Give yourself at least 6 months prep time

  • Build up to your ten-mile run slowly and carefully – use a plan like the “couch to 10K”. You have plenty of time to build in rest periods. Make sure you run a 10-miler within a few weeks of your test.
  • Run all your Sets on even or odd days and all your Lunkas on the alternate days, for example.
  • Run all your stances on the weekends – come in to Naga or get the CD and do this at home.
  • Work with your attackers for (at least) the two months leading up to your test date. Between now and then, meet with them monthly just to keep on top of your game.
  • Make a plan to work on 18th week, and all the “extras” like Tjichalong movements, Pelejaron Sepok, Weapons forms to keep them fresh.
  • Challenge yourself on teaching, come to class as often as you can.
  • Go for hikes, ride your bike, go for a swim…
  • Make sure that you are stretching regularly, eating well, getting plenty of sleep…get massage/acupuncture and chiropractic care to keep your body in top physical health and balance.
  • Build in great eating/sleeping and lots of rest for the few days before your test.