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We have a special way of putting on and taking off our belts and sashes. Watch these videos to see how!

We put our belt on and take it off at the school, but please use this video and practice at home! When you are at the school getting ready for class, or after class when you are removing your belt, consider that this process is likened to a conversation between you and your teachers. it’s a quiet moment to reflect on your training, not a time to chat with your neighbor.

Care of your belt or sash: Find a nice piece of fabric or a scarf to keep your belt or sash in when you take it home to keep it safe.Be careful not to let your belt touch the ground. Our belts and sashes represent the river of information that flows from teacher to student. We respect our belts because we infuse them with meaning, effort and energy each and every time we step onto the mat.

Temple Stance

Take your time. Breathe. Think about what each movement represents.

Ultimately we chose NAGA because of the community. We saw the amazing, kind and caring staff and teachers along with the thoughtful and supportive students. The young people that train at NAGA are not only caring, but smart, accepting, kind and fun!

Martha Lillie

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