Making Everyone Safer is a Company Commitment

What a blast we had teaching at Portland Internetworks! This fantastic company provided self-defense and de-escalation training for their staff. Recently, there was an incident outside their offices in NE Portland which caused an employee some distress. Rather than ignoring the situation or pretending it never happened, management grabbed the bull by the horns!

Pro-activity at its best!


What did they do? They called Naga!

Get in a good solid stance!

Why Choose Naga to Teach Self Defense and De-Escalation?

Portland Internetworks hired Naga because we were open to hearing what they needed, and our experience and expertise were of the caliber they sought. This conscientious company wanted to make sure their team learned the skills they needed to stay safe at work, on breaks and beyond. We are grateful they chose us.

Why is Self Defense and De-Escalation Important?

Wandering through various parts of Portland these days can include encounters with people who seem angry, are high, have a mental illness and/or are struggling with experiences overwhelming to them. We all know this. But we don’t all know what to do when we are approached by someone who’s behaving erratically or in a threatening way.

We combine Self Defense and De-Escalation training into one workshop to provide participants with factual information, prevention strategies, and effective but simple tools to stay safe.

Should the situation go south, we also provide training in physical skills to back it all up. We hope no one ever has to use these! In our experience, however, we know having fighting skills in your back pocket increases confidence and the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Keep Your Hands Up!

….and KICK!

Why Should a Business Offer this Training to their Employees?

There are so many reasons for companies to provide their staff with self-defense and de-escalation workshops. Aside from employee benefits and retention, this training provides entire teams with skills they can use to stay (and keep one another) safe. Teams talk about and practice with one another long after the workshop ends. Your crew appreciates your concern and your investment can save lives.

Read One Woman’s Success Story

Recently, a woman was brutally assaulted by a registered sex-offender a mere three weeks after participating in a self-defense workshop provided by her employer. She attributes her participation in this class to saving her life.

Be Proactive

Become a company committed to keeping your team safe on the job, off the job and for years to come. It’s what smart employers are doing to show their staff they care. Provide your workers with the skills and information they will use for the rest of their lives.

When You are Ready

Along with self-defense and de-escalation workshops, we provide active shooter training as well. When your company or organization is ready, fill out a contact form and let’s talk about what you and your team really need. Let us design a workshop or series of workshops just for you. It’s easy, it’s important, it’s empowering and we will make it work for you!



We are grateful to Portland Internetworks for providing this training to their staff. Thank you for helping keep Portland safe and thank you for giving Naga the opportunity to work with your awesome team!


Photo creds: Miles Fidino