Corporate Self Defense Training

Why Should a Corporate Wellness Program Include Self Defense Training for Your Employees?

You care about the safety and well-being of every person on your staff. You know that the more positive your company culture, the more dynamic and productive your team.

Empower your employees with information tailored specifically to their concerns, along with easy and fun hands-on practice carefully guided by a 6th degree black belt who knows her stuff.

Provide your staff with an on-site custom-designed self-defense class and show them proof positive how much you care.

Custom Design

  • Connect with Silvia 
  • Quick phone or in-person interview with you or your chosen team
  • Survey is designed and distributed to your employees
  • Using the data gleaned from your staff, your workshop is custom-built to meet their specific needs, ensuring that class hits home on every level

Additional benefits: of this training include enhanced creativity and teamwork, positive thinking, effectiveness, and collaboration. Participants share that after taking this workshop, they feel more productive and able to focus on what they do best.

In fact, this training is so relevant, your team will thank you for the rest of their lives.

Investment: $495/hour – 2 hour minimum

Travel: negotiated beyond the Portland Metro Area.


Consider the four-hour hybrid Self Defense/De-escalation/Active Shooter workshop.

Your investment: $1695

Contact Silvia to discuss options.

Here’s what your staff can count on learning:


Facts, statistics & real information about sexual assault and other crimes dispel prevalent street legends that cause unnecessary anxiety. Watch your staff relax as knowledge replaces myths.

~ Fearless!


The space to speak and be heard brings engagement and connection. Teams find affinity and empathy, paving the way for deeper cooperation and mutual support.

~ Solidarity!


Exposure to and practice of breathing, body language, verbal and physical techniques bring exhilaration, fist pumps, cheering and deep gratifying sighs that bring your team together.

~ Unstoppable!

Silvia’s Street Creds


Sixth Degree Black Belt – Over Three Decades of Teaching and Training

Master’s Degree in Education – Focus on Special Needs

National Women’s Martial Arts Federation – Certified Empowerment Self Defense Instructor

Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors Hall of Fame, Class of 2020

FBI Portland CAAA Executive Board: Family, Safety, Community

I loved learning how to fight back and participating with my colleagues. This class was full of very useful information. It would be good to have this training as part of our safety program presented yearly!

Education Northwest

Dr. Marten's Air Wair

The class had a great balance of talk and action. It was perfect. I loved Silvia – she is amazing. So sweet and so fierce all at once.

Education Northwest

Silvia taught an amazing personalized self-defense class to 35 people in our company. She met with our Safety Committee ahead of time to learn what was important to the group and then built the class around those ideas.

In property management we are often in situations where we are alone with people we don’t know in empty apartments or working alone in offices. It was helpful to have a class geared specifically towards dealing with these scenarios as well as tools that our team can use in all areas of their lives.

Our group ranges in age from 26 to 65 years old with varying degrees of physical limitations and abilities. Some people were nervous about practicing in front of co-workers but quickly warmed up to the relaxing atmosphere Silvia created. Besides that, Silvia kept the team interested and involved. It didn’t take too long before people were firing off questions and getting excited to participate in the training. As a supervisor, it was great to have the entire team in one room without having to isolate certain people by physical ability.

In the end we had an incredible instruction session and a memorable team building experience. Silvia is already workingwith us to help build on the class for next year.

Rebecca Cook

Property Manager, Dalton Management, Inc.

I feel more confident after taking this class. I left feeling like I could take on the world! I’m so thankful to my employer for seeing this need and responding with such a great class!

Ecology and Environment

The class felt accessible to me, I’m not very skilled or active. It was helpful to get out of my head and participate in action too – it was finding that strength inside. The class provided me with practical new knowledge and re-affirmed some awareness approaches.

Simple Bank

There were a lot of elements of the class that seemed familiar, but I never have felt like I knew how to use those elements. The way the class was presented, I feel like I now have a clearer sense of what is in my “arsenal”. I would love to learn more! 

Thanks SO SO SO much. Everyone had such a great time and learned so much from you. We truly enjoyed it and hope to plan another session soon!

Nicole Hooper

Human Resources, Marmoset Music

NAGA recently taught an engaging 2-hour self-defense class to 12 people in our Portland office.   The feedback from our employees has been very positive and it was a great team building activity.  Silvia was supportive, informative, and all of the participants were engaged in learning and felt safe asking questions and sharing their experiences.  Here are a few comments from some of the participants:

Silvia clearly knows what she’s doing and she was very personable. I only wish the class was 3 hours instead of 2!”

The most important idea I took away was: there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to defend myself. It is a simple but very powerful idea.”

Her thinking that no response is right or wrong hopefully helped all those attending to step back and stop judging their actions in the past (or those of other people). This aspect and also her encouragement for people to share their stories so we can all learn from them and stop having secrets about potentially violent events in our lives (so we can benefit from that experience) was my biggest takeaway.”

I think we should do these trainings once a year or every other year.”

Thank you Silvia for a wonderful class and we look forward to having you back in the future.

Shawna Mantey

Emergency Planner, Ecology and Environment, Inc.