Corporate Meditation Training

An Experiential Workshop

There are so many reasons for you to offer a meditation workshop for your staff. Aside from all the goodness we know meditation can provide, your employees benefit from learning new skills together, as a team. In the current competitive market, proactive employers are bumping up their retention and benefits offerings. What better way to show that health and wellness is a company value than by giving your team training we know helps strengthen compassion, slows the aging process and reduces cortisol?

Custom Design

  • Connect with Silvia 
  • Quick phone or in-person interview with you or your chosen team
  • Survey is designed and distributed to your employees
  • Using the data gleaned from your staff, your workshop is custom-built to meet their specific needs, ensuring that class hits home on every level

Additional benefits of this training include but are not limited to: reduced anxiety, increases in blood flow to the brain and enhancement of the immune system!

In fact, this training is so relevant, your team will thank you for the rest of their lives.

Investment: $400 for the first hour of your workshop (includes phone consultation, survey design, and data collection), $350 each additional hour

Your Staff will Learn:


How and when to use different breathing techniques proven to relax the body and mind.


A multitude of meditation strategies to choose from.

Guided Visualization:

How to focus the mind using the age-old method of imagery.

Silvia’s Street Creds


Sixth degree Black Belt – over three decades of teaching and training

Master’s Degree in Education with a focus on special needs

Self Defense Teacher Certification Program

FBI Portland CAAA Executive Board: Family, Safety, Community

Instructor at PAWMA (Pacific Area Women’s Martial Artists) Camp, 2019

Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors Hall of Fame 2020

Imagine you and your staff here!