Four-Hour Hybrid Workshop

This practical, engaging, empowering and vital workshop offers hands-on and on-site information, practice and experience for your team. 

How it Works

Through presentation, discussion, and breakaway groups, your award-winning trainer, Silvia Smart takes your team through four hours of self-defense, de-escalation, and active shooter drills and exercises. All of this empowering training takes place on-site, in your office, where your employees spend so much of their time.

Your team gets hands-on experiences where they work. This training enables faster decisions when every second counts. 

The Result

Past participants have shared that as we work through the various activities and scenarios together, we create safety, bonding, and empowerment within the office and for your team.

When You are Ready

When your company or organization is ready, fill out a contact form and let’s talk about what you and your team really need. Let us design a self-defense, de-escalation, meditation or active shooter workshop or series of workshops just for you and your deserving employees. It’s easy, it’s important, it’s empowering and we will make it work for you!

About your instructor:


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