The Workshops  

Throughout the pandemic, I’ve had the opportunity to teach quarterly workshops for the Splunk team. We started off with basic self-defense classes and moved on to provide de-escalation workshops, courses on bystander intervention, and combinations of all three. The team I work with at Splunk is wonderful!

The Participants

Participants attend from across the country and as far away as Europe and the Middle East. Class sizes have been anywhere from 30 to more than 300 depending on the topic and Splunk’s expectations.

The Particulars

Classes are engaging with breakout rooms, full use of the chat function, the occasional high-value video, raised hands, and so forth. We get up and move often. Whether we are practicing breathing or learning physical skills, I feel it’s crucial to keep the material moving and interactive.  Often, participants bring family members to try moves out on – which is always fun! It works well when I have a helper on my end too, to demonstrate. The Splunk team and I make sure there is plenty of time for Q & A at the end.

I make myself available to participants after the workshop if they think of any questions, have any concerns or want to talk about anything we covered. I often get follow-up emails from a few participants which are great. Many have said The Empowerment Podcast by Naga continues to expand on the information we have covered and keeps it fresh in their minds.

The Result

Splunk encourages participants to engage with their post-training surveys. They tell me, of all the trainers they hire, I continually rank highest. And that makes me feel good. 🙂 

When You are Ready

When your company or organization is ready, fill out a contact form and let’s talk about what you and your team really need. Let us design a self-defense, de-escalation, meditation or active shooter workshop or series of workshops just for you and your deserving employees. It’s easy, it’s important, it’s empowering and we will make it work for you!

About your instructor: