Young women across the country are heading off to college and they are at an increased risk for sexual assault. Depending on the statistics you are looking at, one in three or four will have to deal with sexual violence over the next few years. Many colleges and universities will take some time to educate their new students about this epidemic. Many will not.

We know that self-defense classes work. They empower young women and help them stay safe.

Self Defense classes taught by women are about empowerment, prevention and skills that really work!

It’s important to be informed, but it’s equally important to be prepared. Here are some resources for you and the young women in your life.

A sociologist at the University of Oregon found that women who took self-defense classes were safer than those who did not.

Here’s a link to the study:

There’s a well-written book about the epidemic of sexual violence on college campuses written by a journalist. Jon Krakauer (“Into Thin Air”, “Into the Wild”) focussed on one college town in his book, “Missoula”. He used interviews, archives and transcripts to shed light on what is happening across the country, how young women are being affected, and how colleges and universities are (and are not) responding. It’s a good read. I recommend it.

The Empowerment Project | Self Defense Classes

At Naga, we believe that young women who are prepared as they head off to college stay safer. We offer beginning and advanced classes each quarter. Classes sell out. Don’t wait to enroll.