Advanced Self Defense Class

Bold | Fearless |Unstoppable

This class is open to graduates of Naga’s Beginning Self Defense Class.

Continue to step into your power. Explore how grooming and manipulation are disguised, and the enduring importance of trusting your instincts. Identify how socialization has impacted you and what affects it has on your ability to protect yourself. Drill strikes in combinations and begin learning what to do if you are choked, attacked from behind or from/on the ground.

We do not currently have any dates for this class.

Who Are These Classes For?

These classes are open to all women, cis and trans, as well as non-binary people who are comfortable in a space that centers the experiences of women.

What Our Students Say

“I had an amazing time here, Silvia is an amazing person and an amazing teacher. I recommend to all ages, all skill level, for any purpose!!”

– Samantha W.

Reasons to Train With Us


Our programs are nationally recognized and certified. We use state-of-the-art research and the latest in best practices to develop our curriculum and methods. We know what we teach you works!

Class size

We keep class sizes small. Our programs connect deeply with body, mind and spirit. Intimacy builds trust. Trust nurtures confidence. Confidence amplifies empowerment!

Safe Environment

Many participants come to us as survivors of assault. Some come with no prior history but want to prevent future violence. We are committed to teaching people in vulnerable populations. Regardless of how you show up, building a toolbox of options to use when facing threatening situations can be an anxious proposition. It is important to us that you feel safe, seen, heard, and accepted.

Continued Growth

Take this class. Interested in an empowerment self-defense class? Awesome! Want to learn how to teach self-defense classes yourself? Yes! Want to share this training with your team at work? Perfect! We've got you covered. Take this path with us as long and as far as you would like! You are always welcome here!

What Our Students Say

“Silvia provided a private group self-defense class consisting of adults and teens in a non threatening, safe environment that provided just the right amount of instruction, demonstration and levity. I certainly appreciated her insight, experience and expertise in educating women to become more empowered “

– Stephanie K.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not in good shape, can I take this class?

YES! We have participants of all sizes, shapes, ages, and abilities in this class. We build up slowly to the physical exercises and can modify absolutely everything we do. Please be sure to tell one of the instructors though, if there is a specific injury or concern you need us to help you work around. When you take the beginning class, we know you’ll feel how safe it is to work with us!

I've never taken a self-defense class before. Is this the right choice for me?

You’re definitely in the right place, but we want you to take the beginning class first, just to get a good foundation. Come back to take the advanced class! Here’s a link to the beginning class.

I've taken self-defense classes before. Will I learn anything new?

Yes! You will learn new things each time you take a class! We want to make sure you have experienced our beginning class first, though. A good foundation and understanding our empowerment perspective will give you the background to keep learning and growing from us! Here’s a link to the beginning class.

Who's Teaching the Class?

I am! Hi, I’m Silvia Smart. Naga is my school and I’ve been training and teaching self-defense and empowerment for three wonderful decades. As a martial artist, I know that what I am teaching you works. As an educator, I read, study and do lots of research in order to keep up with the dynamic landscape we live in. Self-defense means living fearlessly and I am honored to pass along to you everything I’ve learned. I’ll give you all I’ve got. And that’s a promise.


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