The art of Poekolelan Tjimindie Tulen is rooted in authentic tradition and is abundant in spirit and meaning.

Here are a few images and their significance in our art:

embroidery badge that says "My body is my weapon"
“My Body is My Weapon” explains that we don’t need to walk through life with a weapon in hand because we carry the ability to protect ourselves without. The red outline of the hand illustrates the “empty open hands” concept of our art: to use what we have learned from a a place of strength and reconciliation using physical defense only as a last resort. The words Judo, Kenpo, Chuan Fa (Kung Fu), and Karate demonstrate the integration of the arts which have influenced Poekoelan. The dragon, or “Naga” in Indonesian, is symbolic of the way the animal movement comes together in our art. This patch was a collaboration between Willy Wetzel, who brought the art to the US from Indonesia, and his wife, Gerry Wetzel in the 1950s.
inspiring quote from Hakim's song of meditation
This school is a safe harbor. It is impossible to put into words how important it was for me to have a truly safe place when things went so wrong several years ago. I know without a doubt that if things ever went bad again, its to the school that I would run.
Aaron Weingarten

Quality Engineer, TVT Die Casting


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Official golden NAGA logo


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