By attending this class my awareness has gone to another level. The combination of talk and action makes me feel more confident that I will be prepared in a self-defense situation. Silvia was wonderful!
Dr. Marten's Air Wair

As an older, retired person, participating in a self-defense workshop taught by Silvia was so important. We learned how to project strength and keep alert when on the street. The specific examples of maneuvers and strikes to defend ourselves up close coupled with the mix of lively and highly professional instruction had good vibes going around throughout the session. The positive message that in more ways than we older folks think, we can defend and take care of ourselves was the biggest benefit for me. This is life changing! 
Turk O'Dell

Analyst, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

What it means to test for Black Belt in our Art – Rowan Spake

It felt good in this place. It felt like the right choice. When my son was struggling you were super caring and you helped him figure out ways that worked for him to get at the same targets. I so appreciate your willingness to work with him. Your patience is amazing.
Aura Sagner

Classroom Assistant, West Hills Montessori School

I really enjoyed all of the knowledge you shared. It definitely got my heart racing, but once we started hitting the pads and yelling, I was able to release a lot of fear. It was incredibly cathartic! Looking forward to the next class!

Marmoset Music

What it’s like to get ready to test for Brown Sash in our Art – Auritze Perez-Velasquez

Silvia is super warm and encouraging. Of all the martial arts teachers I’ve ever had she is the warmest and most encouraging. She makes me want give her my best. I want her to feel good about what I am doing.
Eric Gorman

Site Supervisor, OMSI - Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Jeff has an intensity and focus in his art that is admirable and inspiration. He moves with grace. He has high expectations and wants to help his students reach them.
Heather Sturgill

Communications Specialist/PIO, Washington County, Land Use & Transportation, Engineering and Construction Services Division

Getting ready for a Black Belt Test – Emily Trubits

Silvia is compassionate, a good communicator, inspiring, and attentive. She’s real and genuine and is always helping the students move forward. She is so present.
Stefanie Carulli

Merchandiser, Smith Gardens, Inc

I wanted to thank you for inviting our daughter to take part of the special class that you hosted today.  I know the main focus of the class was above her ability, but she was thrilled with what she got to do in that class, and I think it’s great that she got to see everyone in action.  The way you bring all skill levels together with such support is truly amazing.  She absolutely loves these classes, and we couldn’t be happier that she’s becoming a part of the Naga family. 

Kris Gillmore and Abby Craig

Mom and Dad

Getting Ready for Black Belt – Jasmine Langmann

I was spending too much of my free time drinking and was getting overweight and I was out of shape. I needed to find a healthier way to spend my time and hated the idea of exercising just to exercise. I checked out a lot of different schools and styles but picked Naga because of the authenticity of the art and the friendliness and welcoming attitude of everyone here. I am learning new skills and feel more confident and beautiful inside and out.
Leslie Smith

Cook and Theater Maintenance, Various Major Portland Entertainment Destinations

Getting Ready for A Brown Sash Test – Alden Kaye

I don’t think I chose Naga it chose me. The art called me. I wanted to be part of what I saw; I couldn’t just sit and watch.
Heather Sturgill

Communications Specialist/PIO, Washington County, Land Use & Transportation, Engineering and Construction Services Division

Mas Alden running the Black Belt Form

This school is a safe harbor. It is impossible to put into words how important it was for me to have a truly safe place when things went so wrong several years ago. I know without a doubt that if things ever went bad again, its to the school that I would run.
Aaron Weingarten

Quality Engineer, TVT Die Casting

One Student’s Journey – Eric Gorman

Jeff is very focused and demanding in the best possible way. He asks students to rise to their highest level and to not be ok with doing it halfway. He has them try their hardest and do the best they can. He’s very clear about what he expects.
Aura Sagner

Classroom Assistant, West Hills Montessori School

Emily Trubits Denning

Justine Metteer’s Journey

Some of our Teens

Dynamic Tensions 

The Indonesian Knife Form

Crane Movement

Ultimately we chose Naga because of the community. We saw the amazing, kind and caring staff and teachers along with the thoughtful and supportive students. The young people that train at NAGA are not only caring, but smart, accepting, kind and fun!
Martha Lillie

Library Assistant, Multnomah County Library


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