About Silvia Smart, Corporate Trainer

Silvia Smart is a Nationally recognized sixth-degree black belt, with over three decades of teaching and training. She is the owner and head instructor for “Naga Martial Arts & Self Defense.” She holds a Master’s Degree in Education, with a focus on special needs. She is certified by the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation and serves as an Empowerment Self Defense instructor. In 2020, The Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors inducted Silvia into their Hall of Fame.

She is the creator and host of two podcasts: The Empowerment Podcast by Naga, and The Power Up Kids Self Defense Podcast. Specifically, she teaches martial arts, self-defense, de-escalation, bystander intervention training, active shooter survival, and meditation. Furthermore, Silvia works with many companies like Nike, The FBI, and Genentech, to name a few. A dynamic high-energy teacher, Silvia’s talents and passion touch countless lives and make our world better.

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Listen to Silvia’s Self  Defense Podcasts:

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