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It’s Different Here

At Naga, you’ll find far more than a kick-n-punch school, you’ll discover a rich community of practitioners devoted to the betterment of their body and mind.

We chose Naga because of the gentle, yet effective and clear approach. The strength of the community is obvious and envelopes everyone who comes through the doors. Our family’s values are all centered around community, giving and global understanding. We felt immediately that our beliefs aligned with what we found here at Naga. Kimmy Schenter

Color Innovation, Nike, Inc.

Peaceful Warriors

At Naga you’ll feel right at home inside our empowering community of highly supportive peaceful warriors. The courage, strength and inner peace you’ll gain here at Naga will extend into other areas of your life, for the rest of your life. 

I chose to train at Naga because I felt accepted and challenged in a way I never had before.

Lisa Nolen

Associate Director of Community Involvement , OHSU Foundation

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Your Journey Begins Here

Learning self-defense skills and mastering martial arts begins with you.

Want to become more fit? Feel safer or protect those who you love? Looking to discover who you are?
At Naga we have something for everyone, and this includes YOU!

Ultimately we chose Naga because of the community. We saw the amazing, kind and caring staff and teachers along with the thoughtful and supportive students. The young people that train at Naga are not only caring, but smart, accepting, kind and fun!

Martha Lillie

Library Assistant, Multnomah County Library

Welcome! Open the doorway and start your journey:

Kids and Teens Martial Arts Training Path, Camps or Workshops

As a parent, you want what’s best for your child, but that’s not all. You want to make sure the time and money you invest in their safety, social growth and physical fitness really counts. Whether your child is having challenges at school, could use a little added focus, or just wants to have fun and be a Ninja, worry no more, you’ve come to the right place!

Adult Martial Arts Training Path

One that gives you the fitness, increased cardio, endurance, flexibility and strength you need to feel strong and healthy. Your training pathway evolves around you and your specific needs.  From fitness and weight loss to strength and self-defense there is something for everyone on the study of traditional martial arts. 

Women’s Empowerment & Self Defense Workshops

  • You walk alone at night, or go running by yourself with an ever watchful eye and ear. 
  • You limit yourself, where you go, what you do, how you look and what activities you participate in
  • You find your stomach tightening when you think about your maturing daughter’s safety
  • Or maybe you feel like a superhero already, but want to throw your shoulders back to stand even taller, take up the space you deserve, speak out more often, or set boundaries that are more unwavering than ever before. 

    For all these reasons and more, if you are ready to shake it up, we’ve got a solution, and we’re glad you found your way here!

Corporate Workshops

You are looking for something different, a training that is relevant, empowering, and has excellent value for the investment of time and resources. You want a presenter who engages your team and teaches valuable skills and information they can use every day. Whether you are part of a human resources department, a safety committee or on an organizational board getting ready for a big conference or convention, you’ve come to the right place.

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